Ryad Dyor Marrakech

Branding and consultancy for this special riad located in the medina of Marrakech. Ryad Dyor boost 12 suites, a hammam and a rooftop terrace.

Cartier Collector 

Assignment: Create a brand identity for our new platform where we aim to connect collectors through their mutual love for Cartier vintage jewelry. We created, designed and developed the website, brand identity and communication strategy for Cartier Collector.



Nobu Ibiza Bay

We launched and created the event ceremony for Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel with the special presence of Mr Nobu and Mr Robert De Niro.


A new creative space in the old warehouse of the Verkade Factory.
Design and concept of a hair salon and so much more.

We created its brand style, communication and recruitment campagnes and brand values.



SIR hotel group

Introduction and brand design for SIR hotels at the Balearic islands.

Boat & Co 

It’s time to tell you something new. It’s been an exciting month! Since november we have taken on the amazing BoatandCo hotel at Amsterdam Houthavens. We are story telling and event creators for this eclectic all day meeting destination. Pass by for any occassion.

STMNT Grooming Goods

We launched this label in The Netherlands through an online event connecting the barber community with this awesome new male grooming brand.

Hungover Comeover 

Meet our friends at Hungover Comeover. Assignment: create the identity and develop a “high end” box which makes people enjoy their hangover rather than suffer from it!



French Collection

Create a new identity for this high end cult jewelry brand from Paris attracting jewelry lovers from all around the world. We also created a digital platform where we express ourselves through our values, devotion and knowledge about vintage jewelry.

Vessel Kitchen&Bar

We helped launching and strategically branding this whole day destination at the Amsterdam Hout Havens located in Hotel Boat&Co. We created an “easy” “open” and friendly vibe for this new upcoming group.

Barber School

Refresh and re define our identity. How can we stay nr 1 as the pioneers in this fast growing competetive market. We designed, created and executed a new identity and communication plan.


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